How did you win The Masters?

If I could have dinner with anyone in the world right now it would be Jordan Spieth. For anyone who is not a fan of golf, Jordan recently won The Masters at the age of 21. In doing so, he broke the record for the lowest position to par at any point and tied Tiger Woods’ four day scoring record that was set when Tiger was only 5 months younger than Spieth. Perhaps even more impressively, a video has since surfaced of Jordan being interviewed when he was 14. In the interview they ask about his goals and he says only one thing: “I want to win The Masters”. Spieth is such an inspirational person because at the age of 21 he has already accomplished a lifelong goal that many people only dream about.

Jordan and I are nearly the same age, he is actually one day younger than me, and both of us enjoy playing golf, although he has clearly become more successful in that aspect. If we had dinner I would really want to talk about how it is possible to accomplish such a seemingly insurmountable goal at such a young age. Most 21 year olds are thinking about their upcoming college graduation, but Jordan is thinking about the path to winning another major on the PGA Tour. I had thought about choosing some other people, including Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan, and Malcolm Gladwell, but at this point in my life I think dinner with Spieth would be more valuable. There are numerous people who are capable of giving life advice to eventually become extremely successful, but Spieth is someone who has become successful in an extremely short period of time. Some people may say he lacks the wisdom that an older person brings to the table, but I think his tenacity more than makes up for it.

4 thoughts on “How did you win The Masters?”

  1. Does the dinner happen to be next to a golf course and include a free lesson afterwords? Also, what would you talk about outside his golf career? I’d be curious what it’s like being such a well known sports celebrity at an age so young. The pressure must be unreal, how is he/does he plan on handling it?


  2. I think the most interesting part about this dinner would be its timing. Right now, Jordan is at the top of the world: he is wildly successful and famous, but he has not been sitting at the top for so long that fame has already begun to make his life worse; critics writing hot takes on his demise, the lack of privacy in his life making him wary of outsiders, etc.

    Having dinner with Jordan right now would be like a dinner with Nas right after Illmatic, Jordan Belfort during the rise of Stratton Oakmont, or any other extremely talented individual just as they “make it big” for the first time. I really like this choice for that reason.


  3. I definitely agree that a rising star like Jordan Spieth would be an awesome dinner companion at this point in our lives. As we begin our lives after college, his motivation and tenacity, as you said, would be extremely beneficial. Great pick.


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