That’s one small step for woman, but one giant leap for womankind.

I would enjoy having dinner with Judy Chicago. She is not only a feminist artist, but she is also an author and educator. Chicago has inspired a vast amount of people through her artistic works and projects. For instance, Judy led 150 needle workers for the Birth Project. Additionally, she was able to direct hundreds of women for her project called The Dinner Party. Chicago would be an interesting person to have dinner with because she has a unique vision and has great leadership capabilities. I would enjoy discussing how she creates different projects and learning about her passion for modern art. Who is your favorite modern artist? Do you have a favorite artistic movement?  

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Lunch with Mr. Moynihan

As I sit here working on my investment pitch for Bank of America for the SMIF class, I can’t imagine a better person to have lunch with right now than Bank of America’s CEO, Mr. Brian Moynihan. Mr. Moynihan is a graduate of Brown University and the University of Notre Dame School of Law. In his 20+ year tenure at Bank of America, he has held a number of different leadership positions before assuming the title Chairman and CEO in 2010.

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Tell Me About Your Life Experiences JR

I have always wanted to be a real estate developer and start my own business so that I can build sustainable apartment buildings that do not waste resources or energy, and as a result, end up paying for themselves over a few years. Building sustainable apartment buildings would be easier and more valued in other countries around the world, but I realized, sustainable buildings would have a greater impact in the U.S. where there is currently a smaller presence of them in the market. I want to be part of the trend toward more sustainable lifestyles, and JR is one of the reasons I have bigger dreams and aspirations for my passion.

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Lunch with Malala

In facing the task of this week’s blog, I realized I want to converse with someone who has made a global impact and is making a notable, positive difference in the world. Top CEOs, inventors, millionaires, celebrities, or sports professionals were not going to cut it because I wanted to talk to a person who has experienced the world differently. Cue Malala Yousafzai. The 16 year old is the youngest person ever to win the Noble Peace PrizeContinue reading Lunch with Malala